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If you've stumbled on my site...well, you REALLY have too much time on your hands! My guess is you couldn't sleep and were just randomly poking around the internet.

My name is Joe Holmes and I am an aspiring singer/songwriter. I created this site to archive the songs I've written over the past 25-plus years. Some are studio versions produced by The Demo Factory in Nashville...Wishbone Studio in Muscle Shoals...David Vest in Priceville....and JBO Productions in Tennessee....some are live recordings from concerts long ago...some are my own GarageBand creations.

You'll find songs I've written for my wife, kids and grandkids....songs of faith and worship...a few show tunes for some original plays....and then there is the fun stuff - country compositions from WAY back in the well as a few new songs I hope you enjoy.

Will you ever hear one of my songs on the radio? Who knows....after all, I'm still aspiring...even at 54. So we'll see. 

Personal stuff:

My wife Kim and I have a daughter Christen, son-in-law Hunter Teague, four grandkids, Ginny, Turner, Walker and Lottie. Our son Ben and his beautiful bride Sarah May live in Greenville, SC and have an Alaskan Husky named Kobi and a Golden Retriever named Hamilton. We live in Priceville, Alabama.

Links of interest: - My old band from the 1980s

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