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Do It All Again (Kim's Song) - Joe Holmes
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Where's My Little Girl?

Nothing makes you feel older than seeing your "little girl" walk down the aisle on her wedding day. But nothing makes you feel any more proud as well.

We were blessed that Christen married her high school sweetheart, Hunter Teague, on that hot, humid afternoon back in 2011. I wrote "Where's My Little Girl" and was honored that I got to sing it as part of the ceremony.

The sentiments were real. It seemed like yesterday she was riding around on her little pink bike...heading to school with her Little Mermaid lunchbox...moving into the dorm at Auburn. Now, some 10 years later, she is a wonderful mom with four kids. Time again is flying by!

Where's My Little Girl? - Joe Holmes
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"Where's My Little Girl?"


Verse 1:

There’s the schoolhouse. Her first day of class.

Little Mermaid lunch box, 

a matching pink backpack.

I reach across and brush her hair.

Take her by the hand. Say honey, don’t be scared.


Chorus 1
Where’s her pigtails? Where’s her Barbie doll?

They must here some where.

I saw her just a while ago.

You can’t miss her –

she’s the cutest thing in the world.

Could somebody tell me please?

Where’s my little girl?


Verse 2

There’s the front door.

Some guy standing on my porch.

Flowers in his hand, they’re not for me, of course.

She comes running down the stairs.

Kisses me on the cheek, says daddy don’t be scared.


Chorus 2

Where’s her pigtails? Where’s her little pink bike?

They must be here somewhere,

I saw her just other night..

You can’t miss her,

she’s the cutest thing in the world.

Could somebody tell me please,

where’s my little girl?


Verse 3

There’s her dorm room. College life awaits.

I look her in the eye and say, now don’t stay out too late.

She just smiles and says okay.

I take her momma’s hand, as we drive away.


Chorus 3

Where’s her pigtails? Where’s her yellow hair bow?

She must be here somewhere,

I saw her just a while ago

You can’t miss her –

she’s the cutest thing in the world

Could somebody tell me please,

where’s my little girl?



A few years later on

and several miles down the road.

We stand her on her wedding day.

As I try to find the courage to give my little girl away


Chorus 4

No more pigtails. No more bedtime stories.

Just a radiant bride, dressed up in all he rglory.    .

She’s more beautiful, than anything in the world.

I want everyone to see. That’s my little girl.

That's My Boy

Ben found the love of  his life when he met a young lady named Sarah May during his final year of college. The first time we met her, we were pretty sure they were destined "to be" .... as long as Ben didn't mess things up. :)

You kind of prepare yourself mentally for a daughter getting married. But I don't think I was quite ready to see Ben dressed to the nines...standing in a beautiful venue...and weeping with joy when he caught the "first look" of his bride.

I had the honor of officiating the wedding...and wrote/produced this song for the rehearsal dinner slide show. When I "pitch it" to folks in the music industry, I'm told it's "too personal". Okay. Who cares. You may never hear it on the radio, but it captures the emotions I felt when I saw him for the first time...when he hit those dribblers off the tee,,,burned up the transmission in his 4x4 monster truck...etc. 

That's My Boy (Ben's Song) - Joe Holmes
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"That's My Boy"


Verse One

Doctor, he comes walkin’ in,

Cracked a big ol’ smile and then,

Said momma’s great and the baby’s fine.

Hit my knees, said thank you Lord.

Jumped up and headed out the door.

Pressed my face against the nursery glass…

And told all the other dads:

That’s my boy!         That’s my boy.

Verse 2

Man the time goes by so fast,

You turn around, five years have passed,

And here we sit at the T-ball field.                          

He takes a swing and hits the ball,

It dribbles off but I’m telling yall,

You’d thought we’d won the Series then and there…

When I jumped up and yelled….

That’s my boy!


That’s my boy – can’t you see.

He looks an awful lot like me.

Awww, but maybe he’ll grow out of that.

That’s my boy – ain’t  no doubt.

This is what life’s all about. 

A little thing call family….

That’s my boy!        That’s my boy!




Seventeen and all dressed up,

Headed to the senior prom,

He don’t realize life has just begun.

It’s off to college, off to work…

Then he meets that special girl…

He says dad, I know that she’s the one.

I couldn’t agree more son…


That's my boy! 



Now we stand together 

On his wedding day

Looking down the aisle

Then he sees her and 

she takes his breath away…

Just like his Mom does mine…..

I can’t help but smile….


Chorus 2

That’s my boy – can’t you see

Twice the man I hoped he’d be…

You know a Mom and Dad are proud of that…


That’s my boy – ain’t  no doubt.

This is what life’s all about.

This little thing called family…

That’s my boy…That’s my boy….

That’s my boy…That’s my boy….

Do It All Again

it doesn't seem possible, but it's been almost 10 years since wrote "Do It All Again" for our 25th Wedding Anniversary. I wrote the song to celebrate our life together up to  that point. Of course, the line "grandkids on the way" is now quite dated  - since we have FOUR.

True story: I "snuck" off down to Cullman to record the first version of the song at a little hole in the wall studio. I was planning on surprising Kim with it at some point. Of course, the session took longer than expected and when I got home, she naturally wanted to know where I had been. I hemhawed around, made excuses and got in quite a bit of trouble. Oh well, what's new. :) 

A few weeks later we went to Gatlinburg with some dear, lifelong friends. We ate at a local restaurant that featured karaoke night. Unknown to any of the rest, I had emailed the track to the karaoke leader and asked him to load it. I volunteered to "sing one" for the crowd and proceeded to belt out an oldie. When it finished, I asked if I could do one more. He played "Do It All Again" and I sang it for her.

Later on, I had Drew Middle of Nashville Demo Factory do a more polished version and my friend Tre Hall Butler added background vocals. 


"Do It All Again"



Hot and steamy summer night,

In sweet home Alabama.

Standing there on your front porch,

I just stuttered and I stammered.


Tryin’ to find the words to tell you how I felt.

After that first kiss, I knew then and there.



Twenty-­‐five years have come and gone,

Since you took my breath away.

Twenty-­‐five years of ups and downs,

But you love me anyway.


Twenty-­‐five years can’t be wrong,

Look at us, still going strong!

I wanna grow old with you and then,

I wanna do it all again. I wanna do it all again.



Twenty-two and still in school.

And a baby on the way.

That little house was way too small.

We had too many bills to pay.


We didn’t have a lot,

But what we had ran deep.

Baby when we jumped in,

We jumped in for keeps.





Never been too good at math,  

But two and two makes four.  

Just when you think you’ve loved, All you can love.

God gives you a little more.


Now the kids are gone,  And making their own way.

Families of their own and grandkids on the way!


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