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Ginny's Lullaby (Ginny's Song)

Seven years ago, Virginia Kathryn Teague entered this world and promptly rocked ours! No one could have prepared us for the joy of meeting our first grandchild. No one could have explained how your love suddenly grows exponentially overnight.

I wrote this song a few days after her birth. Kim stayed with Christen in South Alabama to help her for a few days. I had just started a new job in Decatur and had very little PTO time so I headed back home to work. With some free time in the evenings, I sat down and wrote this simple lullaby...a prayer that Ginny will one day realize the incredible plan God has for her life - and how much Buddy, Sugar and the rest of her family love her.

Of course, at this point there was no Turner yet. No Walker. No Lottie. Just Baby Ginny...her big ol' head and that infectious smile. We had no idea HOW MUCH MORE love God would give us as each sibling came along...and there's plenty more for some cousins one day. :)

She's a mess - no doubt about it. Ginny, we love you!


Verse 1:

Hush, little Ginny, now don’t you cry.

Buddy’s gonna sing you a lullaby.

And rock you to sleep as the stars come to life.

So hush, little Ginny, don’t cry.

Sleep, little Ginny, sweet dreams will come.

Sugar’s gonna be here ‘til morning dawns.

To hold you so all of your fears will be gone.

So dream, little Ginny, dream on.


Where you can soar with the eagles, and dance with the stars.

Race with the wind, but no matter how far

We’ll be beside you, cheering you on as you grow.

You can stand on the mountaintop, sail on the seas.

Ride on a rainbow, whatever you please.

God’s love will take you wherever your heart wants to go.

Til then just know…

Verse 2:

You can sleep, little Ginny, sleep tight tonight.

Dream about spreading your wings to fly.

But there’s no need to hurry, you’ve got plenty of time.

So sleep, little Ginny, sleep tight…tonight.

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Verse 2

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